Car Workshops at Sterlings Automotive

Sterlings Automotive is offering a free car workshop to the public on Saturdays. Whether you are a new driver, got a new car, or maybe you were just never taught. This workshop is aimed at increasing your awareness of your car. If you've ever thought it would be nice to know how to check your oil, check your tire pressure or change a tire, you may want to consider attending our workshop.

Workshop Hours
Saturday morning session: 10AM to 12PM
Saturday afternoon session: 1PM to 3PM

Workshop Description
Our workshops will take your teen through the basics of vehicle maintenance. Each workshop will last two hours and will go over checking vital fluids (transmission oil, engine oil and brake fluid), checking tire air pressure, changing a tire, and checking exterior items (lights, horn and wipers). We will also go over winterizing your car. After going over these items, we will have some time to answer other questions that you may have about your car or driving in general.

What You Get!
Besides peace of mind? Just for attending our workshop, we are giving each driver a free tire pressure gauge. You will also get the recommendations and suggestions from our professionally trained staff for whatever questions you may have. And, because we keep our workshop size small, you don't have to worry about being rushed through the course.

How To Register
To register for a workshop, please call us (1.360.933.4503) or email us.